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\(*T▽T*)/ I’m just about crying, these came out so amazing!!!

I was scrolling fb before checking my email and BHP posted one and I seriously thought it was a screenshot. <3 

Photography • Bowker House Photography
Yuna • TwinAlchemist (me)



THE LION’S SONG'is a short dialog-driven Point&Click Adventure Game I created for Ludum Dare 30 in August 2014. 

You can download and PLAY IT HERE

To rate or see rankings (after the voting deadline) check the LUDUM DARE PAGE.

This was unbelievably thought-provoking, touching, inspiring, and interesting. The atmosphere of the game is conveyed in such a way that it can be taken in a few different ways. There is a wealth of creativity in the Ludum Dare game jams. If you’re big into indie games (especially free ones) you’ll find plenty of treasure if you follow that link. Check out these brilliant designers games, or enter the competitions yourself if you’re a developer or game design hobbyist.

Particularly, The Lions Song is a must play, game time is estimated at 10 minutes, and it gets deep.


my favorite pictures of my Five cosplay and my group =D 
Together with: 
Zero: Sequin’s art (fb) Shoulderose (tblr)
One: Sowilu Cosplay and Photography (fb) 
Two: Nina
Four: Andrea (DA) 
Five: Shiaya Cosplay (fb & tblr)
Cent: Emma (see sequin’s Art) 
Dito: JimmyDreamer (fb)

Photographers: The-Devil Photography, Webin, B1NH, Winterman Photography. and selfie with Jimmy =DB